Nuri Otus

CEO & Founder

Nuri is responsible for the overall operations of the company. He brings to the firm over twenty-five years experience in strategic planning, sales, services, marketing, business and organizational development, product leadership, operations and market-making in early stage and established technology organizations.

William Schaefer

Chief Technical Officer

With over 17 years of experience directing engineering and IT operations, Bill is known for his expertise in leading rapidly growing organizations through innovation challenges. From designing deep analytics systems that allow any information on the Internet to be vetted in near real-time to designing a full suite of online tools to enable Model-Based Engineering for the U.S. Department of Defense, it’s safe to say that Bill loves solving problems. Insanely complex problems at that.

He has a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Irvine with a concentration in digital signal processing and control systems, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California State University, Stanislaus.

Albert Khasky

Director of Engineering

Albert is responsible for system architecture and engineering. He has extensive experience at startups and Fortune-500s in web applications, software architecture, data science, machine learning, and cloud infrastructure. He is an accomplished full stack technologist having been an integral part of the architecture teams with numerous startups.

Joshua Schmitz

Creative Director

Joshua is responsible for ensuring the consistency of the visual message of the txtsmarter brand, as well as designing a streamlined application flow for the user. With a dedicated design background focusing on user interface and experience design, Joshua serves to integrate the marketing and software teams’ direction and goals.

Jonathan Chapman

Lead Software Engineer

Jonathon has created the APIs that power the realtime product archiving processes required by our clients for compliance purposes.  He is part of the App development team and is also leading a stealth integration with our service for a unique level of compliance. 

Oleksandr Kryshchenko

Software Architect

Sasha is a Full stack web developer with extensive experience in DevOps and Data Engineering.  He keeps our service resilient and scalable for a the huge volume of data generated by our clients employees.

Dan Todd

Principal Researcher

Start-up veteran who loves turning challenges into revenue.
Dan has the unique ability to communicate at many different levels.
This allows him to ensure that technical people, management, customers and press/public are all well informed
and given information at a depth and breath they can best use.

Alex Otus

Marketing Manager & Founder

Alex is responsible for the planning and administration of multi-channel marketing avenues (including SEO and Social Media Marketing) to increase user acquisition and retention. He co-authored the procedure manual for ADRs and SDRs after conducting over 600 product validation interviews.

Our Advisors

Terry Schmid

Terry is CFO at Topio (NetApp), which develops enterprise-class software facilitating data replication, rapid recovery and data migration platforms for companies. Previously he was CFO at Apttus (acquired by Thoma Bravo) and CFO at IMPERVA (Nasdaq) for over 7 years.
Terry brings more than 20 years of financial leadership, including CFO roles in both public and private companies, as well as experience preparing companies for successful venture investments and successful IPOs.

Joe Alfaro

Joe is currently VP Engineering at Reciprocity, Inc. Joe has a proven track record of technical, organizational and business leadership. He has held executive positions at companies such as, Sauce Labs, Symantec, Borland and Citrix. He has co-founded and led startups that were funded and successfully acquired. He is a graduate of Stanford university.

Jim Kaskade

Jim is currently an Operating Executive at HighBar Partners a private investment firm focused on strategic growth capital investments in enterprise and infrastructure software companies. Until January 2019, Jim was CEO at Janrain, the category creator of Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM). Janrain was recently acquired by Akamai. Prior to Janrain, Jim led Computer Science Corporation’s newly formed Digital Applications business in the Americas, a team of over 7,000. The convergence & mutual reinforcement of disruptive technologies such as analytics, mobile, cloud & cyber security were leveraged to help clients become digital businesses.

Kevin Surace

Kevin is CEO at Appvance, which is revolutionizing how software testing is performed.

Prior to Appvance, Kevin was CEO of Serious Materials, CEO of Perfect Commerce, General Manager of General Magic. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Kevin has 83 patents worldwide and was Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the in 2009.

Our Values

We are Leaders

Practice leadership that develops accountable teams, confident decision makers and mutual transparency.

We are Everyone

Value diverse people, backgrounds, perspectives, skills and industries as sources of resilience and global awareness.

We are Driven

Don’t waste time. Ever. First work smarter then work harder, maximize work time and respect personal time.  Work together always; in all ways. 

We are Explorers

Embrace continuous improvement, risk preparedness and meaningful failure; never stop exploring.

We are Dreamers

Dare to step off the map, but keep the link beyond the horizon; push the frontier and share the adventure.