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Be Compliant

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On average, American adults alone send and receive 32 texts per day, totaling 18 billion texts every day, 541 billion texts every month and 6.5 trillion texts every year.

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Industries we serve

In order to be compliant, you will need a way to archive and protect mobile communication content supporting enterprise mobile collaboration, eDiscovery and major global regulatory compliance for financial services, government, legal services and healthcare, depending on your industry.

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Protect Yourself

SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 and FINRA Rules 2210, 3110, 3130, 3120, and 4511 are broad and far-reaching. They affect most everyone in Compliance and Governance regulated industries.   These rules extend to all written business-related communications, including email, instant messaging, Bloomberg®, Thomson Reuters, text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media.

There are over 18 billion SMS messages sent daily.  Over 1 trillion per year.  The amount of potentially sensitive communications being exchanged daily is enormous.  If you consider the volume of WeChat, Facebook messenger (WhatsApp), iMessage, Signal and Slack the number of daily communications add billions more.

Rules are applicable to all persons engaged in trading securities or acting as a broker, including Broker-Dealer firms and registered representatives subject to the SEC and FINRA. Note that SEC Rule 17a-4(b)(4) requires preservation of all correspondence of a Broker-Dealer “relating to business as such,” which should include the preservation of all electronic communications of a firm’s registered representatives, as well as all associated persons to the business.

The following organizations have been involved with litigation involving text messages FBI, Uber, Snapchat, Nike, Adidas, State of New Jersey, State of Missouri, District of Columbia, NYPD, San Francisco Police Department, NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA & many others.


Over 18 billion text messages are sent daily, not including app to app messaging.

It is critically important to capture this data, for end user productivity & regulatory governance.

We offer a solution that provides unprecedented capabilities to support monitoring, rules application and pre/post-incident reporting.

Proven Benefits

Our enterprise mobility management platform will yield less work for compliance departments, bring more security for the users and provide great agility to your business.

Close more deals

Populate Salesforce with important information from your SMS messages with clients. Turn those messages into an accelerant to help grow your sales operations.

Grow your business

Get started today, become part of our “Fast 200” program, and receive a one-year license free for up to 25 users after the completion of the program.

Accelerate productivity

Your texts and notes are synced and searched instantly through our proprietary powerful tool txtpower, providing a sophisticated and efficient mechanism for archival as well as retrieval of messages.

Team Members

Nuri Otus – CEO and Founder

Nuri is responsible for the overall operations of the company.  He brings to the firm over twenty-five years experience in strategic planning, sales, services, marketing, business and organizational development, product leadership, operations and market-making in early stage and established technology organizations.

Albert Khasky – Director, Engineering

Albert is responsible for system architecture and engineering. He has extensive experience at startups and Fortune-500s in web applications, software architecture, data science, machine learning, and cloud infrastructure. He is an accomplished full stack technologist having been an integral part of the architecture teams with numerous startups.

Lina Parness – Director of Business Development

Lina is responsible for marketing, partners, and alliances. She has extensive startup experience and has played an instrumental role in creating GTM marketing strategies and business development.

Joshua Schmitz –  Creative Director | UI Designer

Joshua is responsible for ensuring the consistency of the visual message of the txtsmarter brand, as well as designing a streamlined application flow for the user. With a dedicated design background focusing on user interface and experience design, Joshua serves to integrate the marketing and software teams’ direction and goals.

Alex Otus – Marketing Manager and Founder

Alex is responsible for the planning and administration of multi-channel marketing avenues (including SEO and Social Media Marketing) to increase user acquisition and retention.  He co-authored the procedure manual for ADRs and SDRs after conducting over 600 product validation interviews.

capture . populate . audit . protect

We can help

capture . populate . audit . protect

We can help

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