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Amazon Web Server

txtsmarter partnered with AWS in 2018. txtsmarter is a part of the AWS Partner Network, a global partner program for technology and consulting businesses that leverage Amazon Web Services to build solutions and services for customers. Using AWS, txtsmarter provides a secure cloud service to help financial firms meet their regulatory obligations without complexity or high cost. Visit AWS Partner Network

Google Cloud Platform

txtsmarter partnered with Google in 2016. txtsmarter is a part of the Google Cloud Platform Partner Advantage—created for and with partners—empowers partners with tools, technology and support so we can put customers first and move our businesses forward, together. Visit Google Partner Advantage Platform 

txtsmarter partnered with IBM in 2015. txtsmarter is a part of the IBM Cloud for Financial Services™ is designed to build trust and enable a transparent public cloud ecosystem with the specific features for security, compliance, and resiliency that financial institutions require. Banks can confidently host their mission-critical applications in the cloud and transact quickly and efficiently. With an ecosystem of multiple banks and more than 50 independent software vendor (ISV) partners, IBM Cloud for Financial Services offers a new generation of the cloud for the enterprise. Financial institutions can now deploy on a public cloud to enable innovation and deliver new, more personalized customer experiences while managing stringent industry regulations for sensitive data and complex workloads. Visit IBM Cloud