February 24, 2020

What To Know About Smartphone Security

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Originally Posted by Chris Dritsas / June 30th, 2014 / txtblog

Allowing employees to bring their personal smartphones to the workplace may be a significant risk. A recent survey by Check Point Software Technologies found that 94% of corporate networks now have mobile devices connecting to them. Of the 790 IT professional that were surveyed, 79% of them reported mobile security incidents in the past year.

Over half (53%) of all the companies surveyed reported that they did in fact have sensitive customer information on their mobile devices (up from 47% last year), thus it only makes sense that 94% of them also indicated lost or stolen customer information as one of their biggest concerns.

Unfortunately, concerns alone do little to prevent the advance of an oncoming problem. And these incidents are not inexpensive – more than half of the companies with greater than 5000 employees reported incidents exceeding costs of $500,000. Small companies are not safe either, the survey found that almost half (45%) of the companies with 1000 employers or fewer suffered an average cost of $100,000 or more. Clearly, this is a significant financial loss for something that could have been avoided.

So what can be done to avoid this important issue? Prohibiting employees from bringing their personal devices to work isn’t a practical solution for most companies. Properly educating employees on how to protect their mobile devices and secure the data within them, is the only option for businesses of all sizes. Considering that 66% of the companies specified “careless employees” as a greater security risk than cyber criminals, it’s difficult to argue that this is not a viable option. Depending on company size and industry, this may or may not be an adequate solution. The number of technology companies targeting these mobile security problems is on the rise, each offering their own unique approach to conquering these internal and external liabilities.

txtsmarter is one of these emerging cutting-edge technologies. We aim to aid companies everywhere in the struggle to manage mobile phone security in the workplace. With some of Silicon Valley’s brightest engineers, we’re working to create a program that assists businesses of all sizes in managing their mobile traffic data. Our program’s ability to search, monitor and archive mobile phone data will support companies’ ability to minimize liabilities and maximize IT security. At txtsmarter, we’re working to bridge the information gap between IT security and mobile phones in the workplace.

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