February 24, 2020

Top 3 Things to Know About Texting & Business

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Originally Posted by Chris Dritsas / May 29th, 2014 / txtblog

Numbers Never Lie
With over 16 trillion texts sent in 2013, it’s safe to say that text messaging has quickly become one of the primary means of communication. Research indicates that this number is only going to increase, with more than 5 billion smartphone users expected by 2018. What does this mean for businesses? An eleven-fold increase in mobile data traffic – something almost unheard of by today’s technological standards. Businesses small and large should take these numbers into consideration if they intend on remaining competitive in the future.

The Texting Trend
What might be the most surprising statistic regarding text messaging, is that it’s not just billions of teenagers sending them on a day-to-day basis. In fact, a recent study from Pew Research discovered that about 92% of adults’ ages 30-49 use their cell phones for texting on a daily basis. With the additional 97% of our 18-29 year-olds using their phones for the same purpose – it becomes even more evident that texting is not a trend to be overlooked. Considering that individuals between the ages of 18 and 49 make up a large majority of our workforce, it would be a mistake for any business to not consider texting in the workplace as a pressing matter.

Efficiency is Everything
Why is text messaging increasing at such a monumental rate? Because texting is extremely efficient at accomplishing its goal. That is – texting allows you to send a swift and concise message to both individuals and groups. Recent research has shown that 90% of all text messages are read within the first 3 minutes after they are sent, in comparison, only 23% of all emails are even read. This is huge in the business world. Why spend time writing a long, drawn-out email when a simple text gets the job done in less time? With 98% of all text messages being read, it becomes clear why texting is a much more effective communication tool than your average email.

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