February 24, 2020

47% Respond to txtsmarter’s Focus Group Study

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The txtsmarter Analyst Team has recently completed its month-long project to determine which individuals are most concerned about mobile phone security in the workplace. Results showed an average acceptance rate of 8.26% across all industries and company sizes. None of the six focus groups fell below a 6% acceptance rate with some (Technology companies with 501-1000 employees) peaking at a whopping 12.5%.  Even more surprising – 47.62% of individuals who accepted the proposal followed through with their interview. Demonstrating that not only were they concerned about mobile phone security in the workplace, but also that they were interested in the txtsmarter solution to this problem.

Who is the most concerned about mobile phone security at work? Your company’s Chief-executives are. All different kinds of them actually. The most concerned individuals, with a powerful majority at 52.4% of those who accepted, were company Chief Technology and Chief Information Officers.

Over the course of a month, txtsmarter analysts researched and interviewed qualified individuals in the Technology, Financial and Legal industries. The 257 individuals included in the study were broken into six different focus groups based on industry and company size. Company size was split between those containing 201-500 employees and those with 501-1000 employees. Past studies have found that companies with fewer than 200 employees typically didn’t include individuals with the positions we were targeting.

The results were based on whether these target individuals decided to accept, reject, or neglect our analysts’ attempts to interview them regarding mobile phone security in their work environment. Our analysts did not anticipate a high return rate. They predicted a 3% acceptance rate at best, with the rest either declining or ignoring the request altogether. Of the 3% who accepted the proposal, we anticipated only a quarter of them would follow through with their interview. Our predictions could not have been more inaccurate.

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